By taking the time to truly know and not only care for, but care about each patient we serve, we build connections based on mutual trust and understanding.

Through these connections, and in partnership with each patient, we create a continuous loop of positive care; one that extends past meeting primary medical, dental, behavioral health and pharmacy needs, and wraps around to include housing, food insecurity, income, and other needs related to a patient’s overall quality of life, as well.

Each time we greet a patient by name, or remember a story they’ve told us from a past visit, we’re ensuring that people feel seen; that they feel heard; and that they feel deserving, worthy, and empowered to be contributing to the idea of “whole-person health.”


In addition to making affordable medical, dental, behavioral health care, and pharmacy services accessible to everyone, HealthWorks coordinates with local community resources to address a patient’s overall quality of life and create a continuous loop of positive care.


Medical, dental, behavioral health & pharmacy services—for everyone

Men, women, children, teenagers, families, seniors, insured, under-insured, medically vulnerable, those without insurance… “everyone” is everyone.

And everyone is welcome.