HealthWorks’ photography highlights candid moments between its medical professionals and its patients. The images that represent the brand as a whole should feel friendly, approachable, heart-warming and authentic. Avoid photography that feels staged and/or insincere.

Doctor listening to older woman's heart with stethoscope
Woman working with child in therapy
Woman on computer at front desk of medical office
Woman receiving Counseling


Avoid visual complexity. Backgrounds should be simple and help allow the subject(s) in the composition to be the visual focus.


Take a variety of shots with different compositions. The photographer should focus on taking mostly wide shots and medium shots, with a shot of the subject centered in the frame, as well as a shot with the subject being on one side of the frame, always facing the center of the shot. This will provide flexibility in post production and will accommodate use cases in a variety of mediums and formats.


Use light neutral tones and bright whites paired with highly saturated pops of color similar to the brand’s five primary colors (Purple, Blue, Yellow, Orange, Magenta).


Use lighting that is bright and crisp that focuses on a more natural feel. Use natural light when possible. When using artificial lighting, make the lighting appear as natural as possible.


Avoid harsh shadows. Shadows should be soft and feel natural.

Focal Length

Use a lens with a focal length of 24-105mm. The main subject of the photo should be in focus, with a subtle blur in the background to add depth.


Subject Matter

Show medical professionals in their environment helping everyday people with their medical needs, focusing on HealthWorks’ specific service lines. 


Always show a diversity of ethnicities, genders, age, and sizes.

Young girl receiving tooth brush and tooth paste after medical visit
Nurse discussing chart with patient
Doctor putting bandaid on patient after getting a vaccine
Woman receiving counseling

Staff Photos


All individual staff photos should be taken using a Seamless Savage Paper Photography Backdrop in the color Bone.


Staff member should be centered in the frame with some space on each side, and the photo should be taken waist-up.

Woman receiving counseling
Doctor putting bandaid on patient after getting a vaccine
Young girl receiving tooth brush and tooth paste after medical visit