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HealthWorks is more than just a doctor's office.

It’s a place our patients know they’ll always feel welcome, seen, and cared for. 

As a member of the HealthWorks team, you’ll be part of helping us continue the good work we’ve started: Providing quality, whole-person care to our more than 2,800 active patients… and growing! 

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Cheyenne Wyoming Downtown Skyline with Trains

Living in Cheyenne, Wyoming

HealthWorks is located in Cheyenne, Wyoming; the largest city in the largest county in the state, just eight miles from the Colorado border. Notably, Wyoming does not have a state income tax.

At the confluence of two major interstates, and a mainline for the country’s train system, Cheyenne is a hub of activity. It even boasts an historic avenue that’s bookended by the train depot on one end and the gold-domed state capitol on the other. 

Every summer, Cheyenne hosts the oldest outdoor rodeo in the country—Cheyenne Frontier Days—and becomes a major destination for the last two weeks of July. 

Within driving distance are numerous lakes, state parks and reservoirs, the bustling Denver Metro area, and plenty of local outdoor and cultural activities for the whole family to enjoy.